Affiliate Program

Comfort Leaf's Affiliate Program is free to get started and start earning making money immediately with some of the highest commission paid industry-wide. With our tiered system, you’ll be connecting your audience with the all-natural premium cannabidiol (CBD) products they are looking for, all while earning a bonus just for helping them find products by Comfort Leaf!

As part of the Comfort Leaf's affiliate network, you’ll have access to endless content to help your audience discover the best Cannabidiol (CBD) products available.

Affiliate Program Highlights

Your Earning Potential

Our affiliate program pays our affiliates based three sets of qualifying rules. First, you are able to earn a 20% commission on the first order any customer makes with Comfort Leaf using your affiliate links.

Second, when that same customer comes back to order more products or if they have an active subscription with Comfort Leaf you earn 20% commission for the lifetime of that customer.

Third, When you refer other sales affiliates to Comfort Leaf, and they sign up to sell our CBD products to customers. You get a piece of that action too! We give you an additional bonus on all customer orders they refer to Comfort Leaf too.

Direct Customer Sales

New Customer Sale = 20% Commission
Reoccurring Customer Order = 20% Commission

Affiliate Network Bonus

Direct Sales Affiliate #1 = 10% Commission
Direct Sales Affiliate #2 = 5% Commission
Direct Sales Affiliate #3 = 2% Commission

Affiliate commission are paid out by check in the mail and commissions processed on the 1st of every month. 

Be apart of a growing industry, hand off…

We're here to support our affiliates, because when you win, our customers win and in the long term we win too. Become an affiliate risk-free today, and start earning.

View our affiliate agreement for more information